Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knitting in Color or Black and White

These days have been filled with the search or should I say the research of knitting in color or black and white. I am a devotee of knitting and spinning, but nothing gets my mojo going than the patterning of two or more colors in knitting.This mitten picture is taken from the NATO Summit Mitten Collection I downloaded recently.Talk about eye candy! See Marcy's blog for details.

It is the atavistic urge to delight in patterns. From time immemorial mankind has delighted in the simple pattern whether it adorns the cup or the textile. I love fair isle,Latvian mittens,Norwegian sweaters and mittens, Icelandic designs. Thanks to my friend Patty,I've been perusing mittens from Sata Kansanomaista Kuviokudinmallia by Eeva Haavisto, a Finnish book that has patterns for 100 traditional mittens from Finland.The book is from the 40’s and it’s OOP and the publisher is WSOY.

Here's a sample of my online search travels which I'm sure that Marcy and Cassie have visited at one time or another:
NATO Summit 2006
Knitting in Color
Looking Glass Knits
Nordic Fiber Arts
Nordic Mitten Kits
The seven links below are in Ravelry so you may have to sign in first:
HelloYarn's NHM #10 Mitten from Selbuvotter :: Biography of a Knitting Tradition
Helloyarns Lined Mitten
Norwegian Mittens
Man's Norwegian Mitten
Mittens Hokuou no knit komonotachi / 北欧のニットこものたち (大型本)
Norwegian Snail Mittens
Spillyjane's Mitten
Knitman's Machine Knit FairIsle
Baltic Shop Mittens
Graph for Norwegian Mittens
Handschuh rot
Lara's Latvian Mittens
Blogdogblog's Mittens


Beth S . said...

Is that THE legendary Finnish mitten book, the one that cannot be had for love or money?... Lucky you!

Thank you so much for that great list of links to explore. This is a real treat for someone like me, whose fancy has turned lightly to thoughts of stranding. ;-)

Carol said...

I am amazed by the amount of patterns and your research! Thank you. Ah yes the peaking at the gardens has begun now hasn't it. Thanks for the comment Cindy.

cyndy said...

Wonderful links!!

Thank you for sharing them, Cindy!

I love the internet~

randi K design said...

Thanks for the links... I will take a look.. Have a god weekend.. its raining here

Me said...


thanks for the mention of my mittens in this post. -- and for all the other wonderful links.

All the best from Paris,

Hattie said...

Love the mittens, I've been desperately searching for that book, mostly for the butterfly mitten pattern. ;)