Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a Morning Surprise!!!

Liz you are so delightfully generous in creating such a special package of goodies for me! Not only did she provide some wonderful teas such as Moroccan Mint, but she also sent along two kinds of sock yarn ,one of which is Cherry Tree Hill in a sparkling colorway. I love the mini-bump of Iowa Wool and the mohair accent locks. The teddy bear in her college colors is soft and cuddly.

This morning I used the Badger Balm to soothe my dishpan hands and they feel wonderful!

Tomorrow: I'll be brewing my loose tea using a People's brew basket; measuring my projects with a Kitty tape measure; eating luscious chocolate .

Thank you once again, Liz!


vanessa said...

nice prezzies!

Peevish said...

That's a lovely parcel! And I love the name Badger Balm!