Friday, June 01, 2007

Fiber on Film

I belong to many fiber lists. Thanks to one of its members I can provide this list of fiber related short films. Enjoy!

African Hand Weaver:

Moroccan Weaving:

Berber weaving :

Dundee Mill Works:

Silk Show :

Fatty Silkworm:

Cocoon spinning:

DreamRibbon/ Harvesting Silk Cocoons:

More Cocoon:



Carpet (Turkish knots):


Marcy said...

Great collection of videos, Cindy. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing those links. I just finished watching them after a rather hectic day and couldn't help think how little I can relate to the need of the native people who are production weavers compared to the need of what we Americans think of as production weavers, who probably teach classes and go on retreats in addition to weaving. What a great group of videos!!

Olinka said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for the great videos! It really opens up a whole new world. I did see some of the weaving live myself in the past, but this little set of films really opens my eyes over and over again how innovative the people around the world are with their equipment. They do not have to think too much about all the sofisticated equipment we in the developed word are able to weave on. Thanks again. Olinka!

Artis-Anne said...

Wow whata great collection. The wonders of the internet:) Thanks Cindy