Monday, May 07, 2007

Back in the Saddle

It appears that springtime and family reunions have caused me to be remiss in posting this week. The lovely weather is coaxing the blooming trees to reveal their splendor in my neck of the woods. The one container pot that I have filled with hardened off plants is delightful in its display of Rosemary, Hen and Chicks and Violas.

On the Knitting Front: I'm pleased to announce the finish of one pair of red variegated socks in Ellen's Half Pint Farm Yarn. I also am working on the second sock of the my hand dyed sock yarn using Ashford dyes from RI Handspun's shop.

On the Saturday Spin In Front: I continue to spin the Ashland Bay Kona you saw in the last post. I also picked up my Forester spindle last night and spun more of this fiber.
Cathy is sporting a skein drying rack above her new laundry tub. Laurie is hiding in the garden, but has a picture of her next spinning challenge. Kathy bought a lovely Cormo fleece with wonderful crimp at the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. Margene is spinning another luscious spring roving of Amy’s Corriedale Strawberry Fields ,and it she's washing a fleece as well. She also knitted a wonderful baby hat with her handspun!


Margene said...

Pretty, pretty pictures! Love the socks;-)

Marcy said...

Great photos! Especially big. Love the Johnny-Jump-Ups!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh lovely photos . I so love Spring im all her glory and the colours are so energizing . Great looking socks there also :)