Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arboreal Night

The snow made it all possible. It was a productive morning. Did some office work, shoveled a lot of snow, restarted my son-in-law's holiday sock gift.

Did I tell you? I made a pair of socks for DSIL and one was bigger than the other. I was totally puzzled since I'm rarely off gauge these days. But the second sock was noticeably bigger when DSIL tried it on. Back to the drawing board! I frogged the whole sock. then decided....let me check the stitch count on the first sock. Well....dang it I though it was 80 st when it really was 72sts. That's why it was bigger. It's not my gauge!!! Thought that was going the way of monkeymind.

Lastly, I finally got my backside in gear and added the Arboreal Night Cowl pattern in Ravelry. The link to the free pattern is on the right side of the blog.Please let me know if there are any issues with the pattern.


BAField said...

Beautiful cowl ... is it a mobius? I just taught myself to mobius last week, and am addicted, I love the green one below as well.
Re socks: I recently learned how to knit socks, and had my friend teach me toe-up, doing two at a time with magic loop ... I love it! ... and when you reach the cuff/top you have two socks completed, same size.
Your blog inspires me ... have always thought I should do one ... even have an empty blogspot waiting!
Keep up the great work!

cindy said...

Thank you! Yes, it is a moebius cowl.
You should begin your blog.You will then inspire yourself.

Iris said...

Love your cowel design, Cindy - the fact that it can be worn either as a cowl or scarf-like makes it wonderfully versatile. If it gets warm at your destination you can unwrap it and let it hang. One of these will have to be in my future.

cyndy said...

Beautiful cowl!!!!

Thank you for the pattern! I've been looking for a good one ~ this looks like the answer ;-)

LOL about the socks!...and good for you frogging the whole thing and finding the answer!

Kristen said...

Another lovely cowl, and with this weather you'll wear it a lot.
Ugh- I've made the same kind of mis-counting mistakes, more times than I care to remember.

Laurie said...

That's a lovely cowl. I saw a patient's escort wearing one, and I suddenly got what it was about.