Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Show and Tell

The hat is knitted from hand spun Cooperworth ( the fiber is wonderful to spin) from Sandi at Wintechog Hill Farm. The green/blue/yellow yarn I hand dyed at Barbara Parry's dye workshop ( a very worthwhile workshop) at Web's and handspun by me. I'm knitting a hat from the top down with it presently.

I overdyed some merino and tencel that came out a lovely red/purple using koolaid dye.The last project is the Swiss Cheese Scarf I knitted out of merino/ tencel I spun years ago......part of my 10 year old Rhinebeck stash.


Anonymous said...

I so love that you have a 10 year old rhinebeck stash!! Your show and tel is wonderful! I love the way your handdyeds came out!

beadlizard said...

Love the depth of shade you got with the Kool-Aid. For small projects it really is a wonderful dyestuff.

That hat looks super comfy. My head just made me put on its favorite hat and then my head said, "See, it's not as nice as Cindy's! Spin for me!"

You're getting me in trouble! --syl

Kim said...

I love that scarf!

Sharon said...

I rue my inaccessibility to venues such as yours. I was once able to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool show. You have deep and rich resources and I'm trying hard not to envy you. Okay, I envy you.

randi K design said...

I like that scarf...show more of it!

Jenny Girl said...

10 year old stash....i love it!
everything is lovely.