Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tip of the Tam Pattern is Complete !

Finally after much delay on my part, I've completed the tip of the tam pattern. Many thanks to Ball and Skein for her yarn and BySarah for her test knitting.

I'm also working on a hand spun hand knitted hat for charity which I've enjoyed making throughout the process. I began with 3 0z of lovely Coopworth from Wintechog Hill Farm in CT. that Sandi provided to our guild. The locks barely needed a flick and they were open and ready for a quick spin. What a joy to spin. Next the knitting process fostered my delight. Spinning from the lock from butt to tip produced a wonderful worsted yarn with striations of natural color in the yarn.........grays and browns.I'll post some pics of the finished hat soon.

Are you a process oriented spinner or knitter?


beadlizard said...

Love tam! The color shift is nice, but what really appeals to me is the proportions. It looks as if it would work for someone with a lot of hair. Pretty!

As for spinning, I'm a mix of process and product. I generally won't make time to spin unless I have a specific project in mind, but then I spin for the love of spinning. When I had fewer demands on my time I was definitely all about process. --Syl

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the way your challenge yarn came out all multicolored! Beautiful!!

Sharon said...

Yes to both - it just takes me a while to get there.

cyndy said...

Spinning locks ~ so much fun ~
your yarn looks lovely ;-)

and process...almost always process....(unless there is a project in mind)


MRS MJW said...

Lovely tam...so happily situated. :-)