Monday, April 14, 2008

Spinning Along

It's a great feeling when you spin up some yarn that's been languishing in your stash. The purple 2 ply rambouillet and silk was a purchase at Rhinebeck several years ago. It's quite garish so I'll have to decide if it needs a a dip in the dye pot. The Navajo plyed merino is a delight I must say. I have at least another skein's worth to spin.

I started spinning the merino this weekend and finished it while watching the Red Socks last night. I didn't get to bed until after twelve. I went from knitting to wheel spinning to spindle spinning for four hours.

This morning I couldn't resist taking a picture of my favorites Hen and Chicks from the garden. to exercise. I've been procrastinating long enough :).


Sharon said...

I absolutely love hens and chicks and planted some when we first moved here. One day they were flourishing, then as the season progressed, the rabbits had found them and erased evidence that they had ever been here. I sure do like your lavender yarn - it looks spongy and soft.

Karen said...

Both yarns are wonderful, but I am partial to the Merino. Very pretty color!

Laurie said...

I was going to disagree about garish until I saw the skein underneath in its subtle beauty.

Weren't the sox fun this weekend?

cyndy said...

Sounds and looks as if it must have been four hours of bliss!

The yarn packages look lovely!

Jenny Girl said...

Hens and chicks are so cute in the garden. Even people like me can grow them. Plants are usually afraid of me.
Your yarn came out lovely.