Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn is in full swing!

I found some wonderful leaves while taking a long calorie burning walk on Wednesday of this week. As I walked through the streets, I couldn't help recalling my youth as I pushed through the leaves that fell on the city streets I traveled that day. The wonderful reds, oranges and yellows always catch my eye. I found myself stooping to the sidewalk to find these:
Oh...........I almost forgot the socks.............remember last post I said I would try to knit up some the handpainted sock yarn so you could see the colorway. I'm pleased with the colors. Beth mentioned that the colors of the skein seemed a lot more subtle than in the in-progress pictures. She asked is that 'real' or just a trick of the light? The colors are softer............a wonderful autumnal hue.

Here is the lace tam I made using a pattern from A Gathering of Lace in some spindle spun wool/mohair I bought at The Gathering last year. A spindle can produce heavenly yarn when it wants :).

Remind me to tell you all about this upcoming weekend. I'm taking a two day Comprehensive Spinning Workshop with Celia Quinn. I'll be spinning all kinds of fiber wool, silk, cotton, flax, cashmere, yak, alpaca, mohair, ramie and many more.We will spin perhaps up to 65 samples.


Kristen said...

The yarn turned out such a gorgeous fall mix. I love how you photographed the sock-in-progress with the coordinating beautiful leaves.

Artis-Anne said...

Lovely photos and love the tam. Sounds like a blissful weekend , enjoy :)

Laurie said...

The sock has such lovely, autumn fall colors. I do like the subtlety of it.