Monday, May 08, 2006

Long Overdue

I've finally taken pics of my latest projects for you to peruse. This is because I've finally got all my ducks in a row for the wedding. We are 5 days away from the special day!!! We are sooooo excited.

Below is a feather and fan shawl I've resurrected from the UFO pile. I'm knitting it with a cone of cranberry linen I picked up at PASA in Uxbridge, MA. You never know what goodies Paul has there. I've knitted a good 3.5 feet so far and plan to at least double this length to make a wonderful shawl for moi. I just love linen; it improves with washing and drying.

Here you see the Opal Tiger sock coming down the home stretch. I am very happy with the ringwood pattern since it breaks up the striping of this yarn...notice the difference between the bottom of the foot versus the leg or top of the foot. I think I want to use this pattern again perhaps with a solid yarn.

And here is a cutie I saw at the Tolland Fair on April 29th.

If you are a bee lover trek over to Judith's blog to see her swarm. It is awesome. Then visit Kristen to see her honey harvest.

I've been exploring new blogs and enjoying reading them.


Kristen said...

The linen shawl deserves resurrection - beautiful! Surfing the knit ring is fun, isn't it?

Judith said...

A beautful shawl & I like the sock colors. Oh, my, you are in the homestretch for the wedding! All my best to you & family. What a cutie you saw at the Fair! Great photo of the cutie.