Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday Spinning and Knitting

Who says that meetings in Cyberspace are cold and lacking in human warmth? Yesterday's gathering at Judy's proved that statement wrong. Several bloggers and friends and family met to spin, knit and eat. Laurie drove in from Massachusetts to join Judy, Marisa, Sue and myself to have a quiet afternoon spinning and knitting in the fall sunshine pouring into Judy's home. Marisa and Judy modeled their Ribby Cardigans for us to ohh and ahhh over. Notice the wonderful Lorna's Laces socks that Laurie is wearing while she sips some tea.

After checking out Judy's wonderful orchids and other unpronounceable plants we settled down to our spinning wheels and knitting. Sue worked on her Adagio Shawl in a lovely dk weight blue wool. Marisa spun on her CD Spindle that Sue made for her recently. She created some designer yarn that was thick and thin, but yarn nonetheless. Laurie spun some reddish-purple heavenly fiber that is so soft to the touch. Judy spun some of the Bess fleece that she's been processing. I continued to spin up some laceweight Icelandic wool for a future shawl.

We also discussed why we began blogging and what an interesting world it has opened for us.What a great afternoon!

Last evening I stayed up beyond my bedtime!!! I had to watch part two of The Virgin Queen on PBS. It's a must see. Check out your listings for's worth your time!!!


Kim said...

How fun!! It looks like you all had a nice time at Judy's!

etherknitter said...

I've never had my socks revealed online before. It was a wonderful afternoon. I'm sure the 1700's colonial women would moan and groan about having to spin all the yarn for the family, while secretly looking forward to their chance to spend quiet, contemplative, comforting time with the other women. Great time!

margene said...

VQ really was good! Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. Knitting and spinning with friends is the best!

Ruth said...

VQ was wonderful, wasn't it? Have you read the book the mini-series was based on (by Philippa Gregory)? Not Great Literature by any stretch, but a very good read nonetheless.