Monday, July 25, 2005

Shawlette Progress

The Eyelet and Garter Shapely Shawlette is showing some progress. I love this merlot merino/silk yarn from Judy. I'm happy with the pattern design,but I am not happy with the problems I'm having with the proper stitch count.

The Slip Stitch Cardigan is languishing in the family room because it's just been too hot to work on it. Good news on M's wedding stole/shrug. It appears we have found an interesting way for her to wear it so that it compliments her gown.

I must try some solar dyeing. Cathy's inspired me with her beautiful colors. I love her philosophy regarding spun yarn.....she spins it and then considers "what it will decide to be."

Next weekend I'm headed to the Foster Fair. I plan to spin and knit with my buds and indulge in some fair food :) Hope you can come!!!

Links of the day: must check out her dragonflies and damselflies.
Audioknits....she's finished the lovely Dayflower scarf.
Catena....Her solar dyeing looks like so much fun. Today she's showing all the steps of the process from fiber to crochet.
The Woolen Rabbit She has some to die for angora roving and the cutest bunny pics ever.
String-or Nothing There are knitting links aplenty for a virtual tour of interest to knitters of Victoria & Albert museum.


su said...

Does that mean a lecture from Cindy Tuesday night at the RI Handspun knit in? I know I'd love to hear more about solar dyeing...... su

Anonymous said...

Your Eyelet & Garter Shapely Shawlette--excellent progress. It looks very nice. Can I sit w/you as you pull hair out over the proper stitch count? I am frustrated with a spider web shawl I am crocheting. At this point, I think my "proper count" has created its own unique spider web...but it is pretty nonetheless. Solar dyeing! Yes, this does sound very interesting.