Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gilding the Lily you can guess the RI Guild meeting in the park was a success due to fair weather! We had a great picnic with ample spinning and knitting. Judy and I spun with our forester spindles. I'm presently working on my third skein!

Richard was spinning some lovely brown wool after preparing it in rolags using hand cards. He plans to use this singles for his next weaving project which is a blanket.He used the long draw while spinning...a method he taught me in one of his superior workshops on fiber preparation and spinning. Richard taught Sue and me Navajo plying without the benefit of using a wheel on a bus trip to Rhinebeck several years ago. He was also responsible for teaching me to use my first drop spindle. Thank you Richard for all your sharing!!!

Patty spun some Wensleydale on her newly acquired antique spinning wheel. David knitted away on a scarf with some very soft mystery wool he spun. Sharon was knitting a sock with colorful Sockotta yarn while Marie spun some of Barbara T's wool on her Hatchtown spindle. Jean spend time working on a project in dark blue yarn. Judy, Patty and I managed to buy wool, camel, Jacob and alpaca/cormo from another member.

Knitty Alert.....the new Knitty The Man Issue is up and running.

Here's a great site featuring textile artists that is worth viewing! Be sure to scroll in order to check out all their work.

Movie Quiz
Name the title:

  • "Here's Johnny!"
  • " It's alive! it's Alive!"
  • "You're gonna need a bigger boat,"


Anonymous said...

The Shining

judy said...

John's good...

cindy said...

Yes, he is, but so is Gerald. He got July 9th's movie answers.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the new knitty fun! Great flower pictues.....knitting in the park sounds fun!

The only ones that I got were ther first and last

The Shining and Jaws :-)