Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Knit In News and Reading

Tuesday night knitting at RI Handspun is always fun. Carol R appeared with her Shapely Shawlette in tow....a lovely colorway of purples. She is conquering the pattern for all of us including the 13th row. Way to go, Carol!

Patty's conquest is the shetland shawl in a wonderful gray green reminiscient of some of her garden greens. Her construction sounds worth a try. She began with a garter stitch square from which she picked up numerous stitches around its border to create an undulating old shale pattern. We all can't wait to see it liberated from her circular needles. Here's a link to a round old shale pattern.

Judy is working on Tivoli in a cotton/rayon type of yarn... the color of a inner rib of celery! She, like Carol R, is perfecting this pattern for the education and edification of the group. Judy also brought along her spindle spun wool that is a soft creamy beige and medium brown.

Sue continues her work on her feather and fan sock in Trekking XXL in a red, blue and pink colorway. The yarn is so soft.

I am having fun knitting with my hand dyed spindle spun yarn....I hope to post my finished project soon.

Below are some of the books on my reading list. I'm reading Leonardo and enjoying learning about the genius of this man who understood the relationship of art and science. My next reading choice is a tie between The Perfect Red and The Orientalist. Both of them intrigue me.Last but not least..... I want to read Mummies of Urumchi.

Movie Quiz 5 ( Quiz 4 is still unanswered)

  • " May the force be with you,"
  • " Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn,"
  • " They're here!"


CP Warner said...

Missed you all last night. I'm always sorry when I can't be there! The movies seem almost too easy today.

1. Star Wars
2. Gone With the Wind
3. Poltergeist

cindy said...

We missed you ,too!!!! Hope you can come next Tuesday....

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Shapely Shawlette! That's been on my to-do list a while!