Friday, July 15, 2005

Oceanstate Guild Meeting

Here's a pic of me wearing Kristen's Tie One On knitted with Judy's hand dyed yarn.Read Kristen's and Judy's site for highlights of the meeting. Sandy was so thoughtful to have us all come to her house to learn to make wonderful crocheted beads and wire. I made a two strand bracelet.

Me thinks I want to make the shawl in the picture. When does it end :)?


Anonymous said...

But aren't you glad that with so many great yarns and patterns about, the fun never has to end?

Anonymous said...

I missed last night's meeting! I have lots to catch up with as I visit blogs. You look great in Kristen & Judy's Tie One On. I must set to work on a crocheted shawl using the yarn I have from Judy.

Anonymous said...

haven't I seen this shawl on another blog? Is this blog plagurism? :)