Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Daylily Adventures

Wow......did I have a great adventure yesterday even though it was blazing hot. I headed over to
Tranquil Lake Nursery to see their crop of daylilies. The lilies are at their peak this week so get there quickly. It was stupendous.....fields of daylilies in every hue and size and fragrance. Of course, one had to watch out for the insects and the pollen coating your nose..... If you want to see pics of the place toodle over to Judith's blog and you will see Outrageous Ramona and the lovely fields. I did make two purchases :) then headed out to do my errands.

This morning I'm planting the lilies in my driveway garden before the heat of the day arrives then I'm off to the beach....

Here's on of my latest Fo's...a bag I made out of my spindle spun and plyed and then hand dyed wool. I used a dye bath that didn't fully exhaust after dyeing some silk about a month ago.Now I need to find a suitable button.


Anonymous said...

wow, cute bag!!

Anonymous said...

What colors of daylilies did you get?