Sunday, July 03, 2005

Secret Pal Card and Forester Spindle Arrived

Yesterday I got a beautiful card from my Secret Pal. It certainly lifted my spirits. Thank you SP!!! I am so lucky to have received such a thoughtful SP.

Look what elseI got in the snail mail yesterday! My very own Forester Safari spindle from the Bellwether...and yes it spins like a dream forever.I can't say enough about it. It came with some fiber called Hale Bop made of natural black corriedale with comet streaks of blue and pink hand-dyed bombyx silk across it. I started spinning with it last night around 11pm. Isn't Hale Bop the name of the last comet? Well...this fiber is aptly named. I had to buy some more of this I need more fiber.

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