Friday, August 12, 2005

Project Completion Continues

I am so pleased with my project completion to date. I noticed that Kristin sets knitting goals for herself which is a great idea, but not one that I readily embrace so when I get on a roll with my projects I am so thrilled. Some bloggers show every step in the completion process which I assume motivates them to finish. That doesn't always work for me as you know since some projects I mention get lost in the shuffle. Why? Because I'm project envious. I see what everyone else is working on and I want to make that too !!!!

Norma is having a fit because she hasn't finished some of her projects. I was there, too, Norma and know how you feel.

I am almost finished with the Lizard they will be finished just in time to enter them in the knitting competition of the Big E. This makes two projects finished in one week. I plan to move on to Kilmainham Scarf and Slip Stitch Cardigan soon.

Today...... August 13th I have the distinct pleasure of sharing my birthday with a virtual spinner and fiber enthusiast. I have never ever met someone who shares my birth date until I began blogging. I hope to celebrate the day by not doing any housework or cooking! I plan to knit and spin and read to my heart's content. I hope Cathy enjoys her day. Stop over and wish her a special day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cindy.
By all means, do what you like today, all day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cindy! You've chosen the best ways to celebrate. Keep cool!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Cindy!! I will virtually spin with you today. It's raining/65 degrees here which is nice.

Anonymous said...

You have yourself a wonderful, spoiling yourself Birthday! It's a favorite of mine to have a whole day to do what you want and not feel any guilt! So sorry I missed sending a special birthday card: I'll suggest in the next SP go round that we give our birthdays!
You'll get a little box from me soon, and something else will be on the way before the end of the month, so we can spread out the "birthday" surprises!
So have a Happy, Happy Birthday!
your Secret Pal!