Monday, August 01, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Yesterday, Cathy tagged me. What does that mean? In short it
means answering the questions below and then tagging three
other people. It's all to help us learn about one another.

What was I doing....ten years ago?
I was teaching English at a high school as well as becoming
enchanted with computers and education.I used to connect to
the Internet using Trumpet Winsock;then went on to become
part of a pilot program to train teachers to enhance
curriculum with technology.I also was heavily involved in
learning Tai Chi in daily practice and taking formal
classes on spinning and fiber preparation.
5 years ago?
I was teaching full time, and longing to work part time
so I could devote more time to knitting and spinning.
1 year ago?
I visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts which is one of my favorite
places by the sea.
I had the most wonderful day at Old Home Days. There I met
up with a number of my knit and spin friends at a great
local fair where we demonstrate how to spin on a drop
spindle as well as a wheel. We also teach carding fiber as well.
I spent the morning and afternoon working in my gardens.
I planted some wonderful daylilies in my back garden thanks
to Cathy. I also managed to weed my driveway garden as well.
This garden is filled with hostas, echinacea ,siberian iris,
chive, three kinds of thyme, mountain mint,perennial hibiscus,
mullein, roses, santolina, campanulla, hyssop, russian sage,
hen and chickens,and lambs ears.
I head off for a vacation in New Hampshire.I need to get
away, but with a knitting project for the road.
5 snacks I enjoy
Chocolate,chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
5 bands and singers for which I know most of their stuff
Led Zeppelin; The Rolling Stones; Eric Clapton; Crosby, Stills
and Young and The Beatles........I know I’m dating myself.
What would I do with $100,000,000?
Pay off all bills, save for retirement and share with
my family.
5 locations I'd run away to:
Scotland,China,Portugal, Italy and Canada
Things I like doing:
Any kind of needlework,spinning,knitting,reading,
watching PBS.
5 TV shows I like:
Are You Being Served, Rumpole of the Bailey, Inspector
Morse,Vicar of Dibley, Barney Miller
5 famous people I'd like to meet:
James Earl Jones, Annie Lenox,Richard Gere,
Stanley Kunitz (Poet), John Irving
5 biggest joys at the moment:

Waking up well each morning,my family, friends,
knitting,and spinning
5 favorite toys:
Computers, spinning wheels, Forester spindle,
digital camera and fibers


Anonymous said...

so when are you sharing that $100,000,000 with your family? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice to read about you. Your driveway garden sounds gorgeous. Have fun on vacation!