Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Of Dreamcatchers and Lizards

Last weekend while flipping the mattress DH caused my Dreamcatcher to fall off the bedpost. I thought he broke it, but I was able to fix it. While repairing it ,I remembered that Cathy sent me two Dove feathers. I added these to the Dreamcatcher since I lost some feathers a while ago. It should work properly now and catch some bad dreams and let the good ones remain....thanks Cathy!!!

Here are the finished Lizard socks!!! I feel so good about finishing these as well as the Shapely Shawlette....I even picked up Kilmainham Scarf this week and worked on it two times( I can do it, Paula).
Tonight I look forward to knitting at Sue's. Hope to see some of you there.....

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Anonymous said...

Yay! The Lizard Socks are finished! Nice Dream Catcher!