Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Knitting Gene

I can safely say that there is a knitting gene in the human genome!!! My daughter is living testimony to that claim. I'm so proud of the beautiful knitting she has done in the past two years!!! Here she is wearing her lovely ribby cardigan hot off the needles. Below is a slipper sock she made recently as well. I love the pink color.

Of course, we had to have a pic of her cat Puddy, aka, Prince of the Center of the Universe perched atop her shawl which she knit for the shawl ministry. John looks on in the background.

Last, but not least her is her first attempt at lace using feather and fan stitch and my hand dyed silk.

Today I'm off to a special event.....I'm going to be fortunate enough to see the Dalai Lama at Salve Regina University. I am so thrillled to be able to see him in person and listen to his speech. Click here and here for information about him and the Tibetan government in exile.


Anonymous said...

LOL, maybe the knitting gene has passed to you to be son-in-law

Anonymous said...

Marisa looks so lovely and proud in her new ribby! She is working on some great projects.