Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Baking Day

I'm sure that many of us are readying ourselves for Thanksgiving today. Perhaps we are traveling, food shopping, decorating or baking. I am baking this morning. I just finished making an apple crumb pie and have assembled the ingredients for cranberry bread with a cream cheese frosting. Later today I will make a cornbread stuffing to stuff my turkey tomorrow morning.

Here's the hot pie:

It will be a relaxing Thanksgiving at home with family.Hope you enjoy your day!

Yesterday I blocked Marisa's silk scarf made with my hand dyed silk. She knitted it in feather and fan stitch from this pattern. What a lovely and light decorative scarf, Marisa!

If you have the on Frapper on my side bar and let me know where you live.


Cathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving - all that food sounds so delicious :-)

Spike said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Cindy. Your description of the food sounds divine. Makes me need to lean away from the computer...drool and computers don't mix...LOL

The scarf looks great too.
I see another knitting project becoming part of my list.

Anonymous said...

Lovely goodies you made for the Holiday. I hope your day was a pleasant one!

Adiago is gorgeous!