Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fishing for Compliments

Friday was spent shopping for a 38 gallon fish tank for Ralph. For those of you who know him he lives up to his Aquarian sign when it comes to tropical fish. He has been the fish master of both large and small aquaria. We had at one time six aquaria. One was 125 gallons which held a wide assortment of African Cichlids. In one of his 55 gallon tanks he had two long African Pike. In another some Talapia. Of course he's also had many Angel fish, Clown Loaches and Gourami and many others that shall remain nameless.

It was quite a day...buying the tank and setting it up. R and I had to lug the tank and stand into the house.Perhaps by Sunday the fish will be placed in the tank. The water still is undergoing conditioning for the fish. We can't wait to see our angel fish moved from their 20 gallon home to their new digs!!

Did I knit? You know it....I worked on a scarf.


Anonymous said...

That is some huge setup! The fish sound exotic, and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Fish! Better than tranquilizers. How calming it must be to watch. Does the cat like them?