Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Sock Draped Wheel

I finished the first Opal sock. In order to avoid SSS I cast on the second sock immediately. Yup....that's the trick....don't wait or that second sock will just be another UFO.

I then moved on to continue spinning a creamy white singles on my Countrycraftman wheel.I love the way this wheel spins and how a saxony wheel makes it easy to angle it in toward me wherever I sit. When this bobbin is full, it will mean I'll have three skeins of yarn.... plenty to have at the ready when I want to knit an aran sweater.

Today... I'm off to my mom's birthday cookout. I made her a lusicous strawbery and cream cake, her favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing Marisa and John as well. Wonder what knitting goodies they'll bring along.


Anonymous said...

That cake sounds yummy. It's almost strawberry picking time! A little late this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Yes, strawberries, ah June, fresh strawberries soon, can not wait. Now about this slip stitch cardi...what is it...where is Can it I feel like knitting? I don't know...but I am interested. Possibly will be at Sue's...Don't want to say to loudly as something might hear me and cause me not to...