Monday, July 09, 2007

It's Mysterious !

I'm still working on Clue #1 chart b for Mystery Stole 3 . What a community feeling occurs when you discover that 5,752 members have joined by July 6th!!

I'm am floored by the fact that there are thousands of knitters from all over the globe working on this pattern simultaneously.......a global knitting adventure to be sure.

Beading using the crochet method is neat! Thanks to Iris, I've learned to knit the stitch after the bead is placed with the crochet hook.

I did manage to take some pictures of the stole as well as some of my flowers. The yellow and red day lily is a gift from Kathy.

On the spinning front I have little to report due to the warm weather. I just managed to use the drop spindle this week.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, both the beaded beginning and, of course, the lilies!

Iris said...

And from you I learned to highlight the done rows. Thanks!

Carol said...

The globalness(my own word)of what we do is truly amazing. Great pictures. The red day lily is very pretty. I had not heard of mystery stole.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh its a lovely shawl and I was really interested in the beading method, so very clever .. I did join but I have NO beads so am awaiting for some that will match my yarn . That's the downside of living in the wilds, no shops selling frivolities :(
I wish it was a tad warmer over here :(