Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Woof Sweater is Done

Luckily the Mia's small sweater moved along swiftly! I like the pattern which can easily be adapted for a larger dog. I really like the idea of using any stitch pattern for the top of the sweater. A great experimental aspect for the creative knitter much like sock legs.I hope Mom doesn't see this sweater before Christmas!

I'm also plugging away at another mystery project for the holiday, but I can't post pics. As a matter of fact Blogger is giving me a hard time with posting any pics lately with Hello. Anyone else out there in Blogger land having this issue? This morning I received a network error message.

This morning I enjoyed taking pics of R's fish; I love the black Angels!!!

If you get a chance check out Judy's Flora
and Cathy's Grayce.
Judith's Scarf is lovely and Laurie's Requiem for a Squirrel for the not-so -squeamish.

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Anonymous said...

awww, how cute the doggie jacket is. Can you make cat jackets too? :)