Friday, December 02, 2005

Cats and Fish Oh My!

What a lovely sight at our house.

No knitting news to report other than......the music of Les Tricoteurs (The Knitters). According to the website: "It is a portrayal of clicking needles and miles of yarn. Things proceed at a fast clip until the ending, when a series of diminished chords depicts mailles-lachées (crossed stitches)."

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Anonymous said...

Oh geez, its looking like dad's fish may be multiplying soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the shot of the kissers.

Anonymous said...

The kitties look so contented. Are they watching the fish?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of fish & cats. Yes, the cats do look very content--are they watching or is somebody from the fish tank missing? I listened to the music--wow, I love it, esp. your portrayal. Thanks, Cindy.