Sunday, October 30, 2005

Spinning and Old Portland Cat

As the pic above shows our very own Patty truly enjoys spinning on her antique wheel. It's clackity clack was music to our ears at the monthly spin in at Sue's R.I. Handspun. Patty showed us a wool baby hat that several of us just have to make.

We had the pleasure of visiting with Sue's granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law. Carol M. was there with a bag full of wonderful knitted garments. She brought along a delightful top down hat which Judy modeled and I want to make. Hear that, Carol? Carol also showed us a sweet baby gansey in Frog Tree alpaca yarn.

Judy was spinning some Barbie colored yarn with a delightful sparkle. I will try to post the pic tomorrow. Sue had her hands full ...she was holding her granddaughter who wore a charming ladybug outfit complete with antennae.

I spun some black wool mixed with alpaca and bunny fur! We missed Paula and Carol R :(.

Here is my very first pic of an Old Portland cat. She gazed below at the folks visiting her city. She was a delightful calico...sadly my zoom lens was not powerful enough for a real closeup.

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Anonymous said...

"Clackity clack"! A wonderful sound description. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Is that Portland, Maine? (a place I really like) Your cat photo is great--no need to get too close--I like the edge effect, makes me gasp. Oooh, cats, they are wonderful animals!