Friday, October 21, 2005

Goodies from the Fair

Some have asked what goodies I purchased at the Fair. Of course, this is after I said I'd buy nothing. a way I kept my word. I did not buy any yarn...LOL. Below are pics of some luscious blue suri alpaca, wool, silk and angelina for a touch of sparkle. The next is some unbleached silk I plan to dye.

Below is some pin drafted Icelandic roving that I hope to spin into a laceweight yarn for a small shawl .

Lastly's the cat crew!


Anonymous said...

wait, did you get the cat crew at rhinebeck? :)

I like that blue roving...are you going to handdye some more laceweight? ;)

vanessa said...

cindy, i got your email, but can't emil you directly ;-) yes, we stayed from thursday til, monday at rhinebeck, i came with my dh.