Monday, February 14, 2011

Silk Knitting, Spinning and Paper

After a weekend of silk workshops I did some web research and came up with the usual suspects and more.

Silk Info
Wormspit- a site about silk worms silk moths and silk

Silk Knitting
Iris's silk hanky links:

How to make Silk Paper by Ellen Doughty

Silk Fusion by Karen Selk

Silk Spinning

For purchase:

Silk Spinning Videos ( I have not previewed all of these)


Carol said...

Thank you, Cindy.

cyndy said...

Great links ;-)

I've had several people enabling me to try those matawah mittens this past week! I find myself reaching for the hankies ;-)

Sue said...

Thanks for the information, Cindy. Wish I had taken that class. Really looked interesting and fun.