Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tibetan Spindle

As always I am thrilled by the opportunity to learn new techniques in spindle spinning. I took a workshop many years ago with GALINA KHMELEVA and purchased a Russian spindle. Ever since that workshop I have played with spinning on this type of spindle and not succeeding. Just lately I acquired a beautiful walnut Russian Spindle due to Iris's influence.

Then thanks to Habetrot's video link I found a very interesting approach to spinning on a Tibetan spindle which seems very much like the Russian spindle . I particularly like how the spinner wraps the newly spun singles on the middle of the shaft. This appears to make it much easier to spin new singles since the singles wrapped mid shaft gives the yarn that climbs up the shaft some traction. Later she unwinds the singles at the middle using a figure eight movement and then neatly rewinds the singles closer to the bottom of the spindle.

Does the video inspire you to try to spin on this type of spindle?

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