Friday, October 02, 2009

I Know It's Fall

I know it's fall and all, but the summer got past me so quickly this year. It was a different summer, but delightful as well. I thoroughly enjoyed feasting on my heirloom Nebraska Wedding tomatoes. I actually grew peppers for the first time, and I had enough to stuff for a great supper addition! I planted some seeds from last year's Datura and I finally was rewarded today with one of its lovely trumpets.

On the weaving front I finished weaving 3 dishcloths on my Beka RHL. I really like the absorbancy of the fabric. On the knitting front, I've been working on a hodge podge of projects such as three cowls , a shawl and the scarf you see below not to mention trying to finish knitting my Ply by Night scarf made out of handspun alpaca, wool and angelina.

Last night I attended the Slater Mill Knit Guild meeting. Twist Collective presented their trunk show. As always seeing knitted garments sells patterns. Check out their website and archived patterns. You won't be disappointed.


Kristen said...

Nebraska Wedding tomatoes are new to me. Wonder how they got the name?
You've been busy. The colors in the scarf are gorgeous. Have you made any Twist patterns? They are truly tempting.

Sharon said...

The colors in your scarf are lovely, very autumnal. And I agree with you about the summer. It was short and delightful, but the tomatoes didn't get the head of steam they needed. We had our first frost the other day so they're all picked and in brown bags. A couple have ripened so far - hope to rest do too!