Friday, January 30, 2009

Wuthering Heights

If you haven't seen PBS's Wuthering Heights ,view it online until Sunday, February 1, 2009. The online viewing is of good quality with a large viewing window. I read WH when a teen;this televised version doesn't disappoint unless you'd rather cling to the written word and not spoil your imagination.

I'll understand...................

On another Masterpiece Theater note .......Tess of the D'Urbervilles aired on PBS before WH. I fell in love with Tess's shawl.You know I had to find a pattern for this shawl. This shawl looks a lot like it.

In case you haven't heard there's a discussion on Ravelry about Tess's shawl .


Kristen said...

Thanks for the info-I will try to watch it this weekend. Upon re-reading WH as an adult, I realized that Heathcliff is no romantic lover, but an abusive sadistic psycho. But without his obsessive character the story would not be what it is.

Speaking of shawls and the Brontes, Judith G gave me the 'Charlotte Bronte shawl' pattern after a trip to England years ago. I did start it and someday will dig it out and complete it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just watched Tess online and was impressed by it. I was a bIt sceptical about this version but it certainly compares well with the first version.

I plan to watch Wuthering heights, unless the superbowl takes over!


Unknown said...

I have seen both of these, older versions, but juts a few years older. Both were hardly happy stories! Especially WH. How dreadful. Good example of how destructive obsessive love can be. Tess was just very sad.