Monday, February 20, 2006

The Wheel's Whole Again!!!

If you remember this you will appreciate what is before you. After searching on Ebay several weeks ago, I found an antique flyer and bobbin which according to measurements appeared to be a fit for my new/old wheel.

When I received it in the mail, I excitedly began to try to fit it to my wheel, but first I had to find an old belt to cut up to recreate the leathers. With my brother's help I was able to get this New England Flax wheel to spin!!! He was able to refit the flyer and move it to the front closer to the orifice which in turn allowed the bobbin to fit properly. He also made a hole in the leather next to the front maiden. After securing the leathers with wooden matches minus the hot stuff, I was in business. She probably hasn't been spun on in years which is why she creaks and groans. I 've been adding oil to the usual places so that should improve her sound!

Here she stands.....a whole wheel. Next fall I hope to take her to the Hearthside Historic house where I demonstrate spinning with Sue and Sandy.


vanessa said...

kismet :-)

Beth S. said...

What a beautiful old wheel that is! I love the thought of it becoming productive again, under the care of knowledgeable hands. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got it spinning. It is a wonderful story & journey. Very happy to hear you found the flyer & bobbin. Much joy, it looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I hope it gives you many hours of happiness - it looks beautiful!