Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pi Shawls R Us

As some of you may or may not know I joined the EZPi group at Yahoo because I love knitting shawls and this group plans to make an event out of a making several shawls. One of the group members asked for pics of the shawl so it gave birth to an entry devoted to EZ shawls.

This Pi Shawl shown above was knit many years ago out of unspun Lopi. I also knit one for my daughter that I named the Empty Nest Shawl. These shawls were knit with a lopi that is somewhere between a dk or light worsted weight. I used E. Zimmermann's Pi shawl pattern in Knitter's Almanac. I decided on using her suggested Gull's Wing pattern which is an easy lace pattern as well as a garter stitch border. The shawl is a no- brainer that produces wonderful results. It is so large that I sometimes use it as an afghan or folded in half as a TV shawl. It's wonderfully cozy. As you can see Bennie, my cat, loves the shawl as well.

If you love lace and shawls here are some links to check out:
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I was asked by Jamie my SP5 and Cathy what I plan to do with the handspun yarn in the last entry. I'm thinking of making some long wristers using a pattern in Classic Elite's new booklet. Yes.... Carol R you've enabled me as usual :).

Visit Knitgarden. I was struck by her September 14th comment about peace and her garden: "It is a peace that surprises and has no plans or expectations." I liken the peace that she mentions to the quiet time between friends when no conversation needs to occur. Or it is the experience when involved in a creative moment where the left side of the brain engages and you are totally absorbed in time. May we experience this peace often.


Anonymous said...

The Pi shawl is beautiful, and I see Benny approves. Have we seen this in person at the guild?

Anonymous said...

Your Pi shawl is beautiful.

I've avoided lace as I fear getting lost in all the YO and K2togs. As I've seen the Pi described by EZ herself on video, the mathmatics of it are amazing as well.

thanks for continuing to share you projects!